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LCD Screen settings for VoltBike Urban

The settings below are for the latest VoltBike Urban 2018/2019 edition with S.Widom LCD screen panel. Please note that those settings are not compatible for the previous generations.

P01:LCD backlight brightness. Default is 2.
P02:Switch between KM and Miles, 0:KM; 1:MILE;
P03:Voltage rating: 24V, 36V, 48V. Default is 36.
P04:Sleep time. Default is 0.
P05:Pedal assist level range. Default is 5.
P06: Wheel diameter in inches. Default is 20.
P07: Speed magnetic steel number. Default is 6.
P08:The speed limit:Range 0-50km/h,Default 50.
P09:Throttle activation 0:activate from dead stop;1:Activate after gain speed;Default 0.
P11:Power sensitivity setting Range:1-24;Default 1;
P12:Booster starting strength setting Range:0-5;Default 5
P13:Magnetic sensors on the pedal assist plate. Default 12.
P14:Controller amperage setting. Default 12.
P15:Turn speed duty ratio setting Range:0-100. Default 100.
P16: Default 0
P99: Default 99
ODO: Default 5

Updated on 02 Apr 2024