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Discover the ultimate electric cargo trike, do-it-all, ready-for-anything machine built to handle whatever you want to haul. Featuring an evolved frame design, with a much lower "step-over height" and 20" tires all around.

Equipped with a powerful and efficient 500w (750w peak) Bafang front hub motor and a full Colour LCD screen. The latest revision now comes with a long range 17.5Ah (840Wh) Li-ion battery with optional 20Ah battery for improved range.

VoltBike Trio is out of stock. New inventory expected at the end of July.
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500W Pure Power

BAFANG is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hub motors for e-bikes. VoltBike Trio is using Bafang G06 series front mounted geared motor which provides 80 N.m. max torque and up to 750w of peak power. The Bafang G06 series is remarkable for its high efficiency and power thanks to the integrated nylon planetary gears.

Long Range Battery

VoltBike Trio is using 48v 17.5Ah (840Wh) battery pack with Samsung NCR18650B cells. The battery pack is assembled by Phylion which is one of the largest battery manufacturers for ebike batteries with facilities in China, Europe and India. Samsung SDI’s Li-ion battery cells are preferred by high-end e-bike makers and companies that lead the e-bike market.

Extra Smooth Ride

Voltbike Trio comes standard with suspension Trama FAT34 with hydraulic lockout. Made of aluminum 6061 this fork weight is only 7lbs. Designed for quick release axles and bolt on axles. 135mm dropout, 32mm stanchions, 80mm travel.

Sturdy Rear Rack and Mudguards

VoltBike Trio comes standard with rigid metal fenders which can sustain the highest abuse on the trail. Also comes with rear rack which features extra wide tubing so you can carry more load compared to our rivals.

Fat Tire

Fat tire bikes provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain by adding extra contact surface. The new revision VoltBike Trio comes with 20" front and rear tires for improved corner stability. Reflective liners are adding extra visibility at night.

Backlit Color Display

The 3.5-inch display, conveniently positioned at the center of the handlebar, provides real-time information, including speed, pedal assist level, battery capacity, distance traveled, and current load. Additionally, you can charge your cell phone using the built-in USB connector. An innovative feature of the display is the lighting sensor, which automatically activates your lights when it detects darkness.

Parking Brake

The VoltBike Trio is equipped with a brake locking mechanism that serves as a parking brake. This feature proves to be quite valuable, as it prevents the trike from rolling away and secures the tricycle in place while you load and unload your belongings. To engage the parking brake, you simply push the pin on each brake lever, thereby effectively locking all three wheels.

Simple Controls

Our redesigned cockpit includes large easy to read LCD screen which shows all the important information like speed, battery level and current load. Get instant power with the integrated half-twist throttle with and on/off button which helps prevent accidental activation.

Hydraulic Stopping Power

VoltBike Trio is using Bengal Ares 7+ hydraulic front and dual rear disc brake design. The front wheel is using 180mm rotor. Each rear wheel is equiped with independent 160mm rotor. The rear wheels braking is controlled by the right hand side brake lever located on the handlebar. The new dual brake rear system provides improved stopping power compared to the traditional single rear brake design.

Parts Included

Our bikes ship 95% assembled with everything you’ll need to get up and running, including:


  • Weight 84.0 lb
  • Battery 48V 17.5Ah Li-ion Samsung (840Wh)
  • Battery Style Slide-on
  • Bottom Bracket Neco 910, 23.5mm + 120mm + 23.5mm
  • Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes front/rear Bengal Ares 7+
  • Brake Lever Bengal Ares 7+ with safety power cut
  • Chain KMC Rust Buster
  • Crankset Aluminum Alloy-6061 44T Crank, 170mm with Outer Guard
  • Derailleur Guard Rear Metal Derailleur Guard
  • Fork Trama FAT34 with lockout. 80mm travel. 135mm dropout. 6061 Aluminum.
  • Frame Type Step-Through
  • Freewheel Cassette Sunrace M2 Freewheel Super-Low 7 Speed 13-34T
  • Handlebars PROMAX ALLUMINUM ALLOY 31.8mm*22.2mm*680mm, 9 degree
  • Hubset Alloy 6061 Electric Motor
  • Motor 500W (750W Peak) Hub Motor
  • Motor Type Hub Motor
  • Pedals Wellgo LU-313 with reflectors
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano Acera RD-410 7 speed direct rear derailleur
  • Rider Max Weight {"value":300.0,"unit":"lb"}
  • Rims 20 inch with 36 spokes
  • Seat Velo Plush VL-6142
  • Seat Post Promax SP-252 Aluminum 6061 Alloy, 27.2mm*350mm
  • Shifter Type Shimano Tourney TX50R6CT Thumb Shifter Plus 7-Speed
  • Spokes Rear 13G, Front 13G
  • Stem PROMAX MODEL MA-596 with adjustable angle 35° - 145°. 105mm extension with bar bore 31.8mm.
  • Tires Front and rear tires Kenda Gigas 20x4" with 60TPI


  • aFrame Size: 17"
  • bStand-over Height: 17"
  • cReach: 18"
  • dTop-tube Length: 23"
  • eHandlebar Height: 39"-44"
  • fSeat Height: 32"-38"
  • gFront Wheel Size: ⌀20"x4"
  • hRear Wheel Size: ⌀20"x4"
  • iWheelbase: 46"
  • jLength: 72"
  • kRear Cargo Dimensions: L15.5"xW19"xH9"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews

Perfect for mobility.

Chantal B.Lacroix

We really appreciated that the bike was assembled,

David Heilbrunn

Following a bad biking accident I invested in a Trio . I have not looked back since and enjoy rides almost every day. I thought there would be a steep learning curve, but after one or two days I was going on fairly long enjoyable rides.
The staff at Volt were helpful, responsive,and a pleasure to deal with

Garry Baker

Good service and a good product

Steven LePoidevin
These things are a blast!

My wife (51, 5'1") and I (73, 5'8") just received our two Trios yesterday. They arrived fully assembled except for the handlebars that took about 5 minutes to attach. They are beautiful to behold! We have been practicing non-stop in our little neighborhood. Haven't ventured out to the highway yet but that is coming soon.

Why did we get them?

1) We don't have a car and don't need a car where we live.
2) We lived abroad (China, Thailand, Peru) for 15 years up until we returned to Canada two years ago. During our years abroad we drove an assortment of electric and gas powered scooters and motorcycles. My wife owned a gas-powered workhorse trike in China. In North America, we toured tens of thousands of kilometers on our 1500cc bike before we moved abroad. We love bikes and trikes!!!
3) I lost an eye three years ago while in Peru. I really don't feel comfortable driving a regular bicycle, motorcycle or car with one eye. My wife sometimes has problems with balance.
4) We also don't want to start the whole process of getting drivers licenses again!

We are both gadget/computer geeks so it only took a few minutes to figure out the digital display. But it would be pretty simple for anybody. All controlled by 3 or 4 buttons. I have to say both display choices are very nice looking and easy to manipulate and understand.

Yesterday, we didn't even turn them on...just rode them around as tricycles, getting used to the Shimano 7-gear system and turning and braking. Despite all my two-wheeled experience, the Trio is taking a little while to get used to. It doesn't take much speed around corners to get one wheel off the ground! You really have to slow down. I'm still finding myself fighting to do the opposite of what I instinctively want to do when turning. Every time out it gets a little easier.

The power assist is very easy to use. Between the 9 levels of assist and the 7 gears, you can get going pretty fast on level ground. Which is long as you remember to brake before you hit a corner!!

Today, we started practicing with the throttle. Again, gotta remember to really slow down when you come to a corner. It's nice to be able to switch throttle off or on with one quick press of the button. We practiced drag racing down the street but, other than that, haven't used it much yet! We are finding that it is very useful for pulling out onto the highway. Turn on throttle > accelerate onto or across road > turn off throttle. It is really simple and has become second-nature already.

Sooo....first impressions? We're still beaming! Solid, heavy and well-made. We're gonna have a lot of fun!! But I can see myself getting better tires down the road with better treads.

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