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What is the minimum comfortable rider height for this bike?

Voltbike Yukon 750 comes with 2 frame sizes which are 20" and 17". The 20" frame size is comfortable for a rider between 5'7" and 6'4". The 17" frame size is suitable for a rider between 5'4" and 6'2". Please note that the 17" frame is out of stock at the moment and this is why there is no option to select 17" frame. When both frames are available you will see a dropdown option on the product details page.

Does the Canadian bike ships with the 750 watt motor bit limited to 32km/h by the controller

Yes, the Canadian version is the same as the bike we sell in US. For Canada however we limit the top speed to 32km/h through the LCD screen panel settings. Full settings for the LCD screen are available in our owners manual.

Is the price in Canadian dollars?

Our website is setup to automatically shows Canadian dollar currency if you are browsing from Canada. It also automatically shows US dollar currency if you are visiting from US. There is also currency selector located on the top left corner of the website.

What is the total weight of both models 17 and 20 inch frame?

The weight for Yukon 750 Limited is 68lbs including the battery. There is no weight difference between the 17" and 20" frames.

I weigh 350 pounds but want a bike to ride for exercise. Will VoltBike Yukon 750 support my weight or do you recommend another bike from your company?

The recommended max rider weight for Yukon 750 is 320 lbs. This bike is using heavy duty 13G spokes. Unfortunately, you are little over the max recommended weight. You can still get the bike and ride it. But we are not sure how the components will react in the long term.

What is the proper wheel diameter for Yukon Limited?

For proper speed measurement, we recommend setting the wheel diameter to 28". The tire on the VoltBike Yukon is 26x4" but realistically the diameter is around 28". For a detailed explanation of the LCD screen settings on Yukon you can visit our Help Center.

For my Voltbike, how can I reset the trip or odometer?

You are able to reset the trip distance but you can not reset the odometer. To reset the trip distance, you need to press buttons + and - both together for a few seconds.

When I squeeze the brake handle, a brake symbol with a exclamation shows up. Why ?

This is the brake sensor icon letting you know that it is stopping the motor from functioning while the brake is engaged. These bikes come standard with motor power cut inhibitors. There is a switch which cuts the power to the motor as soon as you engage the brake levers. When this happens you see a symbol on the LCD screen which indicates that this functionality is working properly.

What’s the difference in stand over height from 17 inch frame Yukon to the 20 inch frame Yukon?

The 17" VoltBike Yukon frame does have 28" stand-over height. The 20" frame VoltBike Yukon does 31" stand-over height.

What are the dimensions of the shipping carton ?

Our bikes do ship fully assembled. Even the front wheel is attached. The dimension of the packing box in inches is 74"x13"x40". Weight is 80lbs.

What kind of range does this battery have kms wise and how many times can it be charged

For most of our bikes you can hit 40-50kms range. There are 850 charge cycles which allow them to last around 3 years.

Does the Yukon 750 motor do any regenerative braking?

The motor on Yukon 750 is geared and it does not have regenerative braking. Geared hub motors have freewheels and therefore cannot have regenerative braking.

What type of hitch bicycle rack would you recommend for my new fat bike from VoltBike?

As fat bikes become more and more popular, the question of how to carry your plus tire size bike around becomes more crucial. Based on our personal and customers experience we do have a selection which we could recommend. Please check our selection of Thule vehicle bike racks here: https://voltbike.com/collections/vehicle-racks

Is there cruise control on the VoltBike Yukon 750?

VoltBike Yukon 750 does not have cruise control, but it does have walk assist mode. In this mode, the bike maintains a speed of 6km/h. This would be useful if you walk with your bike or if you climbing a steep hill while walking with the bike.

What is the weight of the battery?

The weight of the battery which comes with VoltBike Yukon 750 is 9lbs (4.08 kgs).

How waterproof is your Yukon bike? How does it do in rain or wet weather?

Though our bikes are water-resistant, they are not 100% waterproof and the battery and electrical components could get damaged after exposure to a significant amount of water. We recommend wiping the bike with a dry cloth, you should use rubbing alcohol on the cloth rather than soap if there is a lot of dirt and grime. Always remove your battery prior to cleaning your bike. Never squirt water into the battery connector or any of the electrical components and always handle your battery with care. Allow the bike to completely dry before charging, reconnecting the battery and turning the bike on.

What is the weight of the Yukon 750? I can't find that info anywhere on the specs or FAQ's

The weight on Yukon 750 Limited is 70lbs including fenders, rear rack and battery.

Is the battery and casing proprietary? Is it easy to replace?

The battery design we use is also adopted by other ebike manufactures in North America. The factory who produces the battery is called Reention. You can purchase this battery from 3rd party websites such as Amazon or Ebay. You can also check the batteries we offer at the following link.

How many charge cycles is the battery rated for and what is the replacement cost?

The Yukon's battery is rated for approximately 850 recharge cycles. You can check the latest price of the battery here.

Does the VoltBike Yukon 750 have a cadence sensor or torque sensor?

VoltBike Yukon 750 comes with 12 magnet cadence sensor. This is the best cadence sensor available on the market and is pretty responsive.

For Yukon 750 model, can the front or rear tire be pulled out so it can fit into my car/SUV?

The front tire on the fat bike Yukon 750 is using quick release so you can remove the tire easily. Just be sure to align the brakes when re-inserting back to the fork. The rear wheel does not use quick release because the motor is mounted on the rear hub.

Can the handlebars be raised on the Yukon 750?

VoltBike Yukon comes with adjustable stem. The handlebar heights varies between 44.5 inches to 46.5 inches. If this is not enough then you can replace the handlebar stem with riser stem which usually provides additional 5 inches handlebar height.

Can the LCD screen freeze in cold temperatures when left outside?

The LCD display we use is tested to work at temperatures down to -25 degree C. We would not recommend to store the bike outside for extended period of time in freezing temperatures.

What are the dimensions of the box that the bike is shipped in? Need to find a spot to store the box until I assemble it in the spring.

The shipping box dimensions are 74"x13"x40". The weight of the box is around 90lbs.

How can I see cumulative km to date on VoltBike Yukon 750?

In order to see total mileage to date you have to cycle through the readings on the LCD screen panel. Once your bike is on, you have to press the power button and cycle through. The readings are in the following order: Speed -> AVG Speed -> Max Speed -> Trip -> Odometer -> Time

What is the size for the seat post ?

Currently the seat post width on our electric fat bike Yukon 750 Limited is 30.4mm *350mm, Promax SP-252 Aluminum 6061 Alloy.

Do you keep a record of the serial numbers of the bikes you sell ?

We do not keep a record of the serial numbers for the bikes we sell. We advise customers to record their serial number as soon as they receive their bike in case of theft.

When does the warranty start?

The warranty starts from the date you receive your bike. However we are not that strict. We are honoring warranty even few weeks after your warranty expires.

I am ordering for USA delivery, will my Yukon come set to USA units of measurement (mph) and US top speed? Or will I need to figure that out?

All bikes come preset in the Canadian standard which is in km/h. Changing to mph is straight forward and takes few seconds. You need to go to the advanced settings on the LCD screen panel and switch the value S7 from km/h to mph. For more detailed instructions please check the article below: https://www.voltbike.com/help-center/article/lcd-screen-settings

What is the PSI on VoltBike Yukon 750 fat tires

The VoltBike Yukon fat tires have a range of 5-30 PSI.

Can the battery be removed and charged separately from the bike?

Yes, you can charge the battery when it's on the bike, and you can also remove it and take it inside and charge it separately.

Is the bike water resistant enough to operate safely in wet (rain and puddles) conditions?

Yes, Voltbikes are water resistant enough to operate in the rain with puddles, but we do recommend storing them some place dry. We are located just outside of Vancouver, and our bike mechanics are frequently rained on when they are putting our bikes through our safety checks.

Does the bike come with fenders and rear rack as shown in photos

Yes, the Yukon ebike comes as shown in the photos on the website. The fenders, rear rack and kickstand come attached to the electric fat bike.

Is the Yukon 750's battery removable?

Yes. the battery is removable you can charge it either on or off the ebike.

Pictured show drink holder, does it come with Yukon 750?

Only the 20" frame Voltbike Yukon 750 comes with water bottle holder. The 17" frame does not have enough space to mount water bottle holder. But you can use this space to mount other accessories which are using this bolt pattern.

Does the Yukon 750 have cruse control?

Yukon 750 does have a walk assist mode which is similar to cruise control. It's designed to maintain speed of 8km/h while you are walking next to the bike. To enter this mode you have to press and hold the minus button on the keypad. Engaging the brakes will deactivate this mode.

is the 17.5ah battery interchangeable with the Elegant, Bravo and Yukon ?

That's correct. This battery is common to many of our models, including the Elegant,, Kodiak, Nitro, Bravo, Yukon, Outback & Enduro. The 19.2 amp hour battery is also interchangeable with these models.

What PSI should Fat Tire bikes be inflated to?

You will want your tire pressure to be between 10-30 PSI on roads, but you can go as low as 5 PSI if you are riding in the snow.

Can the throttle be easily disabled, in order to comply with rules of some trails?

Yes. The cord leading to the throttle is plug-and-play. Be sure to cover the loose connection to keep it clean and dry whenever this cord is disengaged.

What is the difference between the Yukon 750 Limited and the Yukon v2? When will the V2 be available for in store pickup?

Both electric bikes Yukon 750 Limited and Yukon V2 are using the exact same components. The only difference is that Yukon V2 is using different frame with fully integrated battery. This gives the Yukon V2 modern and sleek visual appearance. Yukon V2 will be back in stock in November this year.

What is the weight capacity for this bike? Is it suitable for someone 6" at 300lbs?

Our Yukon bikes can hold a rider up to 320lbs.