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The demand for electric bikes has dramatically increased in recent times all over the world. Reduced fuel costs, environment-friendliness, and easy-to-operate systems have allowed them to become a viable choice for most bikers. Commonly known as e bikes, these have become the highest-selling bicycles globally. If you are looking for an e bike Canada, keeping the fuel cost and environment in mind, you can count on VoltBike.

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VoltBike is the one-stop shop for a wide range of electronic bikes. We are a renowned ebike manufacturer and supplier in Canada offering top-quality electric bikes nationwide. Whether you need it for daily use or occasional purposes, e-bikes are the fastest and most cost-effective mode of transportation. With the rising demand for ebikes Vancouver, we are constantly innovating and have an exclusive collection of electric bikes for our Vancouver bikers.

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Why Ride E Bikes in Canada?

We are living in an advanced world and e-bikes are the best technology simplifying our life and helping the environment. This can be your small step towards sustainability. Here are some more reasons why you should choose ebikes Vancouver.

Multiple Use

Ebikes can be used for multiple purposes such as commuting, adventure, fitness and even for commercial use such as food delivery. It reduces fuel costs, saves time, and is eco-friendly. In addition to this, it is all time ready-to-go; sit, start and accelerate.

Cut the Expenses

As petrol and diesel prices are inflating in most countries, electric bikes can save the huge costs of transportation. With the right set of Li-ion batteries, you can run 60-90 kilometers on a full charge. That means electronic bikes are more affordable than vehicles that run on petrol or diesel.

Fast and Flexible

In this fast-paced world, electric bikes Vancouver allow you to cover extra miles with lesser effort and time. E bikes give you an added advantage of the cycle lane and save your time. Ebikes are also faster, lightweight, and easy to operate.


As global warming is a major concern, e-bikes are completely environment-friendly. With the aim to save our earth from dying, VoltBike produces 100% renewable e bikes in Canada. With our e bike sales in Canada, we are omitting air and noise pollution and contributing to a healthy environment to a large extent.

Zero to Minimum Licence Requirement

To some extent, e-bikes are considered bicycles, so they require a zero to minimum registration or license process (please check your local province requirements). You can just enjoy the ride and pass by all traffic lights without hassles. Ebikes are the best choice of vehicles as bikers do not need to be licensed and register anywhere. Just buy any e-bike from a wide range of the best electric bikes Vancouver from VoltBike and enjoy pollution-free riding all around Canada. Don’t forget to charge the battery!

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When it comes to buying the best electric bikes Canada, customers usually get confused as there are multiple stores on the internet. VoltBike has been around for 8 years and we will be here for you when you need us. VoltBike is a direct to consumer brand that focuses on manufacturing trendy models while keeping the customers' budget and safety in mind. We understand that ebikes are an emerging technology, therefore, we meet the industry and environment guidelines at every step to match industry standards.

We are a one-stop dealer for ebikes Vancouver; whether you need it for adventure, commuting, sports or business purposes, we can cater to all your requirements at competitive prices. Depending on the requirement of the customers, we can deliver e bike Canada nationwide while keeping the freight cost low.