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Brake lever power cut inhibitor malfunction

Your VoltBike Yukon 750 comes with feature which cuts the power to the motor once the brake levers are engaged. If there is malfunction at the power cut inhibitors then the bike will immediately loose throttle and pedal assist.

We did notice that few of the VoltBike riders are experiencing issue with this and the system is reporting error 05E.

If you have experienced this then the most likely cause is water penetrating inside the brake lever mechanism and affecting the power cut inhibitor. Usually this is not a concern because the water would evaporate by itself after some time. You can speed up the process by blowing air at the brake lever area.

If you ride mostly in heavy rain then we would recommend to seal the area where the power cut cable is entering into the brake lever. You can use marine glue or silicon. See photo below.


For temporary solution you can also completely disconnect brake power cut inhibitors. The quick connector is located on the front of the handlebar. See photo below of the exact location.

Updated on 02 Apr 2024