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Internal Wedge Mirror
Greg Sherwood
Looking to the rear

Easy to install , designed to fit two size bars , tightened up nicely

Denis Pellerin
Wheel size

Cant change the wheel diameter in the odometer. Speed and distance always wrong.

Patricia Probyn

Still learning it!

Elegant V2
Sheila Eyres
Re volt bike

Incredible customer service & love the bike

Mariner V2
Wayne Braun
Great Bike

We bought my wife a folding E-bike in 2019 and she just loves it and it fit so nice in the storage compartment of our trailer. I was getting tired of eating her dust on our bike rides so this year I decided to purchase a folding E-bike too. I am very pleased with my purchase of my Mariner v2. It is built very well and has very nice features. The day it arrived I wasn't home so my wife and I had to set it up after supper and take it for a drive in the dark, which was all good because of the great light option. Great bike!!! I just need more time to ride it now. Thanks for now.

Front Rack
Maryanne Lorimer
not compatible with my Elegant bike

i order the front tack for my Elegant bike but there is no where to bolt it on. My husband put it on his Yukon as it had built in adapter

Yukon V2
Darin Sather

Yukon V2

Mariner Step-Thru
Steve Jackson
Great bike

I have had my new bike for just over 2 weeks and I love it, I have put over 120 km since I got it. I enjoy riding on both road and trails

Customer service

Great response to a faulty part. Very pleased with Volt bike . Thank you George.

Yukon Step-Thru
Amanda Wesselink
Yukon step through

Two of my friends and I decided to purchase the Yukon Step Through with the mega range battery. We love it so much!! I have a foot injury so was worried about going biking again, but this bike is perfect! If I get tired, having the option to just increase the pedal assist in order to get home is great! I took it for a ride last night and the head light worked great! It can get going pretty fast too!! It's very sturdy and built well. It's a bit tall for my liking but I am pretty short at 5 foot 2, but I make it work. I am really enjoying my purchase!!

Bernard Sauvé
Voltbike Bravo with optional 19.6 amp. Battery

I received the box 15 days after my order. They wrote me it would take 3-5 days working days. The guy at DayRoss delivery open the truck door and he swiveld down the box who was in up position. Just a small paint scratch on the bike frame. Anyway so far i like the bike and every component is working fine and no ajustement was needed. I was surprised how big and heavy is the optional 19,6 amp battery i ordered but there's a lot of energy in it.The motor is strong and the bike is comfortable. The color screen is very nice and the menu and setup is easy. I just can t waIt to make longer rides with my new ebike.

Jeffrey Tsuji


Color LCD Screen
Greg Armstrong
LCD screen

Really nice and bright easy to read love it.

Stan Woodman
Fun fun fun!

I am so happy with my new Enduro. The suspension is insane and my bike has already been on numerous single track trails nearby. Omg I want to go ride but it’s dark, oh wait the headlight is so good!!! I’m going now….

Poor durability, mediocre performance at best. Not for winter.

First off, I love my Yukon. It's far from perfect, but it's awesome bang for buck. That said, its tires are absolutely awful.

These tires wear out super fast. I went through 4 tires on the rear and 2 on the front before I'd put 2000 km on my bike's odometer. On pavement at anything below 18 or so PSI, they have a strong tendency to self-steer. Off road, they're reasonably effective but nothing to write home about. In snow, they are terrible. No grip, the rubber is rock-hard in the cold, and the drive-wheel's tire bead sometimes slips off at anything below about 12 PSI. I got punctures constantly, on road and off. Thorns, bits of twig, occasionally a tiny 3 mm long bit of wire. Would not shock me if a bee stinger passed through. I replaced them with cake eaters, which have been pretty decent in winter and summer, on road and off, and I haven't had a single flat since. The price is the only thing that makes the Juggernaut deserve 1 star rather than zero.

Pannier Bag
Sylvie Major
Side bag

Big enough

Allan Saunders
I Love My New Bike

My new Outback is fantastic. I've only rode it once but I know it going to great.
I plan on going a big ride on Wednesday.

Yukon 750 Limited
Gary Buffum
Yukon 750

All went great easy to do on line . Worked awesome 👍

Ginette Dupuis

Livraison 5/5. Service avant achat. 5/5. Vélo +équipement qualité vs $$. 5/5

Bike Cover

I like how they delivered it. It was trust worthy online shopping for bike parts.

Yukon 750 Limited
Darlene Kingcott

We are enjoying the bikes

Stephane Caron
It's a good buy...

Its a good buy , but not great. seat is locked and cannot be changed( have the impression of slipping foreward ). i got the extended battery and it does not fit easily, i have been scrapping the back of battery because it does not fit well. i feel that, if the frame was a bit longer, you could bring down seating to get more stability when riding.

Its a learning curve and still a great ride.

Bernadette Vandenborn

Ordered the bike not seeing it in person. Am super happy with the bike! Online ordering was excellent . Called to check on delivery date and staff was extremely helpful!

Inner Tube 26x4"
Marcel Malo
On time delivery

My 2 white wall tires. Love them. Putting a new back tube was perfect. And all came in a couple days 👍👍👍

Elegant V2
Mark Percival
Great bike! Great value!

We could not be happier with this Elegant V2 e-bike’s design and build quality. In addition to the beautiful design and finishes, it has considerably more power then expected. It represents solid value in this highly competitive field.