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Lock-Out Top Cap Fix for Suntour Suspension Forks

Tools required:
Small flat screwdriver
5mm hex tool
4mm hex tool
Needle nose pliers

Your new Voltbike may have a Suntour front suspension fork that has a dual-position lock-out dial on the RH side that allows the rider to open and lock the suspension travel of the front fork. 

If the lock-out dial stops functioning follow steps 1-6 to fix this feature:

1. Carefully remove the plastic top with a small flat head screwdriver


2. Remove the small dial control shaft.



3. Use a 5mm hex tool to ensure the internal leg shaft is tight. (Do not overtighten)

4. Check the lock and open positions are functioning. Turn the 4mm hex tool clockwise until the shock is in the locked position. Then turn the 180 degrees counter clockwise to check and set the open position.

5. Re-install the small dial control shaft

6. Orientate the top dial cap to the forward/open position and carefully press and snap it straight down to engage securely with the lower part of the plastic top cap

The Open / Lock-out dial should now function properly.

The LH dial is a mechanical spring preload that will stiffen the fork when turned clockwise and will soften the suspension when turned counter clockwise. Fork legs should be cleaned periodically and a few drops of lightweight bike oil applied to the legs near the dust seals.


Updated on 02 Apr 2024