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VoltBike offers various best electric bikes with mid-drive motors with power between 500w to 1000w.

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As electric bike technology has continued to evolve, VoltBike’s choices for mid-motored, or "Mid-Drive" ebikes has continued to expand. These intelligent bikes feature more power, and more features than their rear-hub driven counterparts. Having a mid-drive ebike means being able to climb hills with ease and to be able to conquer even the most challenging terrain.

Our selection of Mid-Drive electric bikes has expanded to suit those looking for either a powerful commuter bike, or something built for adventures. Now available in either front or full suspension, our eBike in this category are driven by the Bafang M600 or M620 motors, both of which are both powerful and reliable. Check out VoltBike’s mid-drive ebikes if you’re looking for the highest levels of performance and quality available at fair prices.