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Battery does not function or does not light up

If your battery does not light up there are a few steps you can try to bring it back to life.

First, plug the battery to the charger and leave it for 1-2 hours. It's possible that your battery went into sleep mode due to inactivity. This could happen if you leave your battery empty for a long period of time.

If this does not help then you can try the second step which involves resetting the battery. All VoltBike batteries come standard with BMS (battery management system controller). The BMS monitors your battery closely and may decide to shut it down in some extreme events in order to protect other parts of your bike.

The batteries on VoltBike Yukon 750, Bravo, Outback and Elegant comes with a built-in fuse which is an additional layer of protection. The next 4 steps will show you how to reset the BMS by re-inserting the fuse.

Step 1.
Using Philips-Head screwdriver open the front plastic cover.

Step 2.
Locate the battery fuse.

Step 3.
Remove the battery fuse cover.

Step 4.
Remove and put back the fuse. This will restart BMS and should bring battery back to life.

Using throttle at low-speed or climbing hill may put an enormous load on the motor. The BMS on the battery may decide to shut down the system in order to protect components from your bike.

If this article does not help then it's possible that there is a more serious problem with the battery. Please contact us by email for further instructions of shipping the battery back to us.

Updated on 02 Apr 2024