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SR Suntour

Suspension Seat Post

Suspension Seat Post

Built-in seat post suspension SR Suntour NCX replaces the standard seat post on your VoltBike, making the ride smoother and significantly more comfortable. Adjustable internal coil with 50mm travel and 350mm length.

Option to choose seat post diameter 27.2mm, 30.4 mm, or 31.6mm. Please check your seat post diameter before proceeding with order. Give your VoltBike a feel that's more similar to a full-suspension bike such as our Enduro or Outback bikes.

The Urban Step-Thru, and Trio bikes use 27.2mm seat posts.

All Yukon 750, Yukon Step-Thru, Yukon V2 and Kodiak bikes take the 30.4mm size. The Bravo and Elegant eBikes use 30.4mm posts as well.

Our Mariner, and Mariner Step-Thru models also use 30.4mm posts.

VoltBike models which use the 31.6mm seat posts include Mariner V2, Urban V2, Venture & Venture Step-Thru and Yukon Core.

The NCX Seat Post has been engineered and built for years of comfort and performance.

Please Note: All Suspension seat posts are currently in stock.
Compatible with:
  • Yukon Core
  • Yukon 750 Limited
  • Yukon V2
  • Yukon V2 Step-Thru
  • Bravo
  • Yukon Step-Thru
  • Bravo Core
  • Bravo V2
  • Elegant
  • Kodiak
  • Venture
  • Trio
  • Mariner V2
  • Elegant V2
  • Mariner Step-Thru
  • Urban V2
  • Venture Step-Thru
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Customer service

Great response to a faulty part. Very pleased with Volt bike . Thank you George.

Fred Green
Volt Trio

Rode MC’s until I was 80- 87 now. Have been riding my pedal bike short rides up until now. I have found the trio to be trouble free and well put together. Unfortunately at the time of purchase I ordered the comfort seat. I have found this unusable as it pushes me too far forward. Have installed a smaller seat with the suncor hydraulic stem ( purchased from you) the smaller seat with no
Backrest works much better. Surprised that I have found the Trio a steep learning curve. Only have 25 K on it but already getting the hang of it and getting comfortable. I would really appreciate a much more comprehensive manual than the quick guide that came with the trike. Bottom line I am sure that I will thoroughly enjoy the trike. Purchase and delivery was flawless.

Don Geisler

The seat is a good improvement on the ride of my Tri cycle. It would be a better ride with rear wheel torsion or spring suspension. don

Frank Buzath
Wrong information

Received the seat post over a year ago, & like it.
However the front rack does not fit my bike due to not having a welded receiver .
Is there another way to secure it ? Thanks

Al Tweter
Suspension seat post

A-1. I have a sensitive back and this is the best accessory I bought. Bought a second one for my wife's Elegant ..Very happy. Would recommend to anyone