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Electric Cargo Bikes: 6 Uses In Everyday and Business Life

Are you tired of walking over to places? Don’t want to take your bike or car for a short distance? Well, electronic cargo bikes are the perfect solution for you then. They are eco-friendly and sustainable purchases. On top of that, they still have pedals, so they have added the health benefit. 

For delivering packages or for providing medical assistance to marginalized populations, cargo bikes can be used for just about anything. Apart from being environmentally friendly, electric cargo bikes are also a cost-effective way to travel short distances and carry out day-to-day work. 

Cargo bikes are usually compact, all-terrain, and have thick tires. These bikes are not only beneficial to the planet, but they also aid humans in many ways. For instance, electric cargo bikes can save you from the long hours of traffic. You leave zero to no carbon footprint as well you can easily carry around lots of stuff with you. 

Electronic cargo bikes are becoming a new trend and aiding us in our day-to-day life.  Want to know what all e-cargo bikes can be used for? You have landed on the right page. Here, we will discuss six everyday uses of e-cargo bikes. 

Uses of Cargo Bike In Day-to-day Life

Not only riding e-cargo bikes is beneficial for your health and environment, but they have several other uses. Mentioned below is the list of six uses of electric cargo bikes.

Easy Carrying of Kids or Dogs

Obviously, the electronic cargo bikes come with cargo. This cargo can not only be used to carry stuff but also for kids and dogs. Yes, you can carry your dog for a walk, pick/drop off your kids at school, in play areas, etc. You can carry out your exercise ( through pedaling) while your kids reach their destinations on time. You won’t have to worry about them getting late or getting stuck in long traffic. You can simply pedal your way out. 

As for dogs, they can travel with you to stores, malls, etc. Now, you won’t have to worry about leaving them alone for even a second. You can also carry your dogs to park on e-cargo bikes. 

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VoltBike Kodiak Multiple Passenger Electric Cargo Bike Canada

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Delivering Food 

With an expected global value of US $ 4,371.5 million by 2028, the electronic cargo bikes industry is tremendously growing. Especially since the pandemic hit us and left the world wary to develop a better and healthier lifestyle. So, even the food delivery partners are switching to e-cargo bikes. Yes, one of the best uses of electric cargo bikes is for delivering food. It is economical and efficient. Plus, electronic cargo bikes help the delivery partner to reach the destination quickly. How? It prevents them from being stuck in traffic plus the pedal assist feature gives the speed needed. 

They outpace cars and motorbikes and emit negligible to zero carbon and other harmful gas emissions. Also, companies can easily promote and advertise themselves by placing banners on the cargo.


VoltBike Bravo ebike outdoor lake view

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Capturing Off-Road Shots

Do you want to shoot an off-road piece? Well then, electric cargo bikes are your answer. Whether you are shooting a big budget or a small budget, cost management is an integral part. Turn to electronic cargo bikes. Their fat tires make it easy to go around off-road destinations. Two people can easily travel on Voltbike’s Kodiak. One can ride, and another one can shoot. You won’t face problems with speed, plus the cargo deck makes a comfortable seat for the camera person. 

Isn’t this the best? Now you won’t have to waste thousands on a 4x4 off-road vehicle. Simply carry your electric cargo bikes and capture the perfect moments. 

Medical Assistance To Marginalised People

Yet another use of electronic cargo bikes is to provide immediate medical assistance. Geographical barriers to medicinal help are out in the open. The big ambulance vans, buses, and cars are not always able to reach the victim. This is where electric cargo bikes come into the picture. Carrying immediate first aid and a tent for privacy is an easy task with e-cargo bikes. Not only this but delivering medicines to the marginalized population is also very easy for them. 

Due to their compact size, they can easily come through traffic, and the pedal assist feature helps to reach the desired speed. Lastly, the cargo is all that is needed to carry all the essentials to the one in need. 

Run Your Daily Errands

You can easily do your daily tasks such as delivering packages, going to the gym, departmental stores, carrying your kids to school, taking your dog out for a walk, going around your factory, etc. the list can be long.  Our hectic schedules require an eco-friendly and sustainable solution that is also economical and gives you speed. Electronic cargo bikes are the perfect solution to all these.   

Not only this, but you can also advertise your own business or promote other companies (and get paid). What’s better than making yourself some money while running your daily errands?  


Voltbike Best Electric Cargo Bikes Canada

Photo Credit: @bikecommuting_mtl

Helping Homeowners

Did you recently purchase a new home, or going through a construction process? Well then, electric bikes are perfect for you as well. A new home or renovation can require many trips to The Home Depot or your home for checking up and other formalities. Taking a car or truck is not always the best option, plus it is also harmful to the environment.

Whilst there are many other uses of e-cargo bikes, as discussed above, they are really beneficial to new homeowners as well. Plus, riding them is great exercise while also being easy on your pocket. 

VoltBike takes pride in serving the local community of Canada. We offer our clients a comprehensive range of products. From electronic cargo bikes to flat tire bikes, electric tricycles, and more. What are you waiting for then? Avail of our best prices today. 

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