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Best Electric Trike Canada

The VoltBike Trio - Greatest Electric Trike

Competition is growing in the eTrike market, with more and more of our competitors coming out with their own version of the Trio. We’ve seen the demand for the Trio rising each and every year, and with the recent upgrades we’ve done to the VoltBike Trio, it’s clear that VoltBike is committed to keeping the Trio the best eTrike on the market.

If you’ve been shopping around for an electric tricycle, you will have noticed that there is a common theme for how these eTrikes look. They’ve got a motor out front, a basket in the back, and a battery mounted somewhere, usually behind the seat. You’ll also notice that some of our competitors look flimsy compared to the bold, stocky frame of the Trio. We’ve designed this frame to resemble the ever-popular Mariner Step-Thru, with a nice thick centre tube construction for long-term durability. 

The Trio’s quality Aluminum frame has proven to be strong and can take the weight of the rider, the cargo, and the rough-and-tumble of on or off-road riding. With a rider weight limit of 300lbs, including up to 80 lbs of cargo in the rear basket, the Trio is able to carry you and your gear to where you need to go. The Trio is a stable and fun ride, giving you the freedom to go out and seek adventure. 

Though we built the Trio with the big motor and fat tires to take you off-road, we’ve also designed it to be sleek enough for urban situations, with its 30” wide rear width, it can fit through a standard doorway. We hear people using the Trio for all sorts of fun, whether it’s shopping for groceries, or even taking out hunting. 

The 2023 Revision - A Major Upgrade!

Each generation of Trio brings with it some improvements, and while we’ve offered the Trio for several years, we made a huge upgrade in 2023. 

The Front Wheel

The VoltBike Trio’s front wheel has been changed to a 20” fat tire, making all 3 of it’s wheels the same size. This move away from the “big wheel” not only improves stability by lowering the centre of gravity, it also makes finding replacement tires a whole lot easier, as the 24” fat tire was hard to source. We stock this tire in the Replacement Parts section of our website.

VoltBike Trio 20" Wheels

As a result of the smaller front wheel, we have changed to handlebars to an upwards swooping, BMX style design. All the buttons and equipment on the handlebars are within reach, allowing you to sit in a comfortable, upright position for a comfortable riding experience.


Brilliant New Screen

An all new Bafang 860C screen now comes standard on our electric trike, which is the first of our bikes to receive this excellent new screen. The 860C eBike display is a 3.5-inch screen, a quarter inch larger than the previous display. It’s thinner, brighter, and come with two display modes: one being futuristic looking, and the other much more like the previous generation.


VoltBike Trio Upgraded Color Display


As usual, the screen is waterproof and scratch resistant, and it’s also got a USB port beneath it, allowing you to plug in USB powered devices to keep them powered up off of the battery. The redesigned button cluster is removable, allowing it to be replaced without replacing the entire screen. 


Bigger Battery

Our Trio is a big bike, weighing in at about 80lbs and it’s got a big motor as well. To keep the fun going, the Trio’s now got a 17.5 amp hour battery which is about 10% higher capacity than before. This means a longer range, estimated between 50 to 70 kilometers. 

Need more range? We also offer additional batteries for sale, and it just so happens to fit perfectly in the rear carrier of the bike. Double up on your range and purchase a 2nd battery from us


Upgraded Braking System

The VoltBike Trio is fitted with powerful hydraulic brakes with parking brakes integrated into the brake levers. Simply squeeze the brakes and push down on the parking brake, and the brake will hold itself down, allowing you to confidently park the Trio, even on an incline. Our Trio’s rear brakes, one disk brake on each rear wheel is activated upon squeezing the right brake lever, bringing this substantial bike and its rider to a confident stop. 


Electric Trike Voltbike Trio


Brake pad replacement, and many other simple maintenance tasks are easy for the average rider to complete. Take a look at our YouTube channel for a growing selection of VoltBike maintenance videos. We design our bikes to be reliable and easy to work on, and our tech support team will gladly walk you through any questions whether by phone or email.


VoltBike Trio

“Average” Competitor’s eTrike 

Battery Pack

48 Volt, 17.5 Amp Hour (50 to 70km range)

36V 11Ah to 48 Volt 12.5 Amp Hour


48Volt, 500w (750 peak) 80n.m. Torque rating

36V, 500w 45nm torque rating or 500w (750w peak) on very expensive models


Under $3,000 with Suspension Seat Post

$3,000 to $4,500+

Equipment and Features

Fully-Loaded: Fenders, Bright Colour Screen, Front Suspension, Front & Rear Automatic Lights, 1 year warranty and long-term repair part supply

Minimal features. Upgrades and gear available at a cost. Various levels of after-sales support and part availability 


Our VoltBike Trio’s recent improvements have made this our most fun, most stable and best value eTrike ever. Adding a Suspension Seat Post and a Front Rack are some simple but optional upgrades to further enhance your eTrike experience. We hear from customers every day who love their Trio and feel it bring a sense of freedom and fun in their lives. We’re proud to offer this electric Trike and plan to offer the Trio for sale for many years to come. 

VoltBike would like to thank all our Trio customers for their many 5-star reviews, and for spreading the word on the VoltBike Trio. Word of mouth is how our customers find us, and for that we are grateful. 

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