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3 Great Reasons to Choose a VoltBike Trio

With a full menu of beloved Electric Bicycles, VoltBike has a bike to suit anyone who’s looking to get out and have some fun. In this Blog post we will be discussing the technical merits of our electric trike VoltBike Trio, as well as the fun-loving practicality that makes the Trio a great choice for those looking to add some adventure to their routine.

The VoltBike Trio could be just the tool you need to feel confident that a hill won’t hold you back as you cruise around in style on your shiny new bike. But Electric Tricycles operate quite differently from how a 2-wheeled bike works, operating like a chariot with the motor out front. This trusty etrike enjoys rave reviews from our customers, and of all our bikes there’s none with more heart-felt stories of people enjoying the freedom that this electric trike offers.

Let’s explore 3 great reasons why VoltBike’s electric tricycle could be the right choice for you:

1. Cutting Out Car Trips

With its sturdy frame holding a rider up to 300 lbs, and sporting a rear carry bag (included with purchase), this electric tricycle is perfect for eliminating car trips to nearby destinations. You can put up to 80 lbs of cargo in the rear carrier rack, while an optional front rack allows you to carry even more. 

We’ve conveniently designed the Trio to have a rear wheelbase that’s wide enough to feel stable, while still being able to fit through doors. It’s great for trips to town to run errands and come home with all the groceries and goodies packed conveniently in the rear carry bag. Use the rear carry bag to pack lunch for a picnic, books, a laptop or a change of clothes. 


VoltBike Trio Rear Basket


VoltBike Trio’s 16 Amp-Hour battery will keep you on the road for about 60-80km of regular riding. Make your battery last by keeping your power assist settings low, using the throttle to conquer the inclines and hills you may encounter. Destinations that felt like you could only reach them by car are suddenly places you can’t wait to go by bike. The best part of spring and summer in Canada is the pleasant weather, and you’ll have battery power to get out and keep active.


2. Getting Active & Exploring the Great Outdoors

Our Electric Trike features Fat Tires, the popular tire style that’s quickly becoming a favourite of many riders. Having a wider tire, with more rubber meeting the road, makes it easy to tackle challenging terrain, like snow, sand and loose gravel. With a 24 inch Kenda tire out front, and a pair of Kenda 20” tires out back, Trio come standard with metal fenders to keep splashes down and the rider dry.

Our bikes all feature pedal-assist technology, allowing you to adjust the amount of assistance the capable 500w wheel-hub motor is providing. Feeling like getting a big workout? Try a lower setting, giving your legs the opportunity to propel you forward. Looking to speed things up, or go up some steeper terrain? Then go ahead and turn the assistance level up to it’s maximum setting. With an electric bike, our customers get their exercise while having the ability to use the electric motor to make your ride more exciting. 


VoltBike Trio outdoor in the snow

Photo Credit: Jeff Sproule

Our electric trike comes with a choice of display, black and white, or colour, showing you all the info that you need to know about your bike’s battery level as well as an odometer to show you how far you’ve been riding. You’ll be surprised by how far you’ll drive this bike, and you’ll never forget the adventures the Trio will take you on.

3. Safety Features 

A major benefit of choosing VoltBike over our competitors, besides the great motor, battery and built quality, is the great breaks that we’ve put on this bike. Our bikes come with Hydraulic Disc Brakes, featuring 180mm Tektro Auriga which has a dual-piston design. What this means for you is that the weight of the rider, the bike, and whatever you’re carrying can stop confidently. 

Our bikes feature an electronic cut-off of the motor when you apply the brakes, allowing the brakes to do their job quickly and efficiently. Hydraulic Disc Brakes like this give you the confidence that they’ll be there when you need it as electric bikes do weigh more than your typical bike. On that note, the battery pack is placed centrally and down low, giving extra stability to the design.

It’s essential to remember that these bikes handle differently from a standard bike, and it’s crucial to take your time getting acquainted with your new ride. Remember that the wide-body rear of the bike requires caution in corners. Avoid sharp turns, as slow and steady is the way to handle this bike. Maximum speed settings can be adjusted in the display screen as an additional safety precaution.


Voltbike Trio Rear Axle Closeup

Speaking of safety, we offer high-quality motorcycle grade helmet to help keep you safe, while we offer a selection of Bike Locks to keep your bike locked up tight while you go in and out of shops. The battery pack also features a key and lock, and the battery is also easily removable for added security and remote charging.

Choose Electric Tricycle VoltBike Trio 

In addition to our fun and well reviewed bike, we aim to offer great bikes at a fair price. Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to get highly regarded components, and great batteries and motors into each of our bikes. Go ahead and compare our offerings to our competitors. You’ll find that our 1 Year Warranty, stylish design and high-capacity battery makes for a tempting choice. We hope you choose VoltBike as your personal chariot, there’s a lot to see out there and we’re sure you’ll absolutely love the time you spend on this quality 3-wheeled ride.

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