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Electric Step-Thru Bike Voltbike Yukon

The benefits of a step-through ebike

VoltBike's Step-Through collection is more popular than ever, with shipments going to all parts of Canada and the USA. Our customers appreciate the no-fuss, hop-on fun that these bikes offer. 

VoltBike’s 2022 line solidifies our push to have bikes that are comfortable for everyone to get onto. We’ve done away with redundant top bars on some of our models by reinforcing the already strong e-bike frames so that our bikes are even easier to swing a leg over onto.


Why Step-Through's Are So Great

Simply put. step-through bikes make life easier. It’s just so simple to hop onto your bike and go. Our electric bicycles make bike trips a breeze. You can dress up in your finest clothes and get onto your bike with grace, arriving at your destination without breaking a sweat. Or, you could take your Step-Through on an off-road trail, pushing your leg muscles to their limit up challenging terrain. With Pedal Assist functionality, it’s up to your how much your electric bike helps you, or how much you help your bike.

VoltBike’s Step-Through's mean having the benefits of our popular ebikes, but with easier access. Regardless of how you’re planning to use your VoltBike, we have the right bikes for you.


Our Step-Through Collection

Let’s take a look at the many choices we have for this style of bike:


Yukon Step-Thru

When we launched our Yukon Step-Thru we were pleasantly surprised with just how well-received it was. It’s got all the Power and Grit of the Yukon 750, our Best Seller, but with a frame that’s comfy to step onto making it easier to get up and away on your trusty electric bicycle.

The Yukon Step-Thru features our 500w (750w peak) rear hub motor, matched with 4” wide Fat Tires which roll confidently over all sorts of challenging terrain. Regardless of the season, the Yukon is ready to face the challenge. Check out the reviews on the product page. Our customers love how this bike is built like a tank, with a matte black metal fenders to keep you clean as your 4” wide Kenda Fat-Tire roars over the gravel and snow beneath you.

Yukon Step-Thru Electric Bike

Our Step-Thru Yukon is our largest model in this collection, making it perfect for riders typically over 5’4”. Everyone’s body is different though, so come check out our showroom in Port Coquitlam, BC to try one out. Don’t live near us? Check out our Ambassador Map which is a listing of passionate VoltBike owners who are proud to show off their bikes to you. Our map has dots in just about every city and town on our continent, so check it out if you’re looking to see a bike in person before buying. Either way, our commercial success, and stellar reviews speak for themselves. This bike rocks!



Our Elegant is the perfect Step-Through model for those looking for a versatile bike for mixed riding, taking the City and Trails in stride. Think of this bike as a smaller version of our Bravo. Featuring the same great motor, and most of the same component as the Bravo, this E-Bike comes with a smaller frame, without the top bar to step over.

Just like the VoltBike Yukons, this bike features a sturdy rear rack that can hold up to 50 lbs and comes with a LED brake light as well for enhanced visibility. The Elegant’s 18” frame has lots of clearance off the ground, and power to boot, so don’t let its pretty looks fool you. This bike can Go!

Elegant Step-Thru eBike

A range of 60-80km means that you can go all day, with a Samsung Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 17.5 amp-hours. Our batteries are consistently better than our competitors, and will typically last for about 800 charge cycles. That’s a lot of rides, generating memories you’ll forever cherish. There’s so much to see out there, and with a VoltBike, almost nothing’s out of range. Crank up that pedal assist and you can make it up just about any hill.

For those looking for a more refined look, the Elegant features slender 2.1” wide 26-Inch Kenda Tires, and looks fabulous in either white or black. With these tires you’ll flow through city traffic, down ike lanes, and groomed paths. You’re sure to see a VoltBiker riding around your town, they’re easy to spot; They’ll be riding carefree with a smile on their face.

Mariner Step-Thru

The Mariner electric bikes, whether you choose the Step-Thru or classic Mariner is perhaps the most fun in our line-up. The Mariner’s charmingly chubby fat tires are perfect for ripping around on the beach, or even in the snow and slush. At 4 inches wide, these plus-size tires have tons of contact with the ground, gripping any loose terrain underneath. 

Let’s not forget about the most convenient features. This ebike folds up to a meager 45"x26"x19"! It folds in two spots, making it small and compact enough to pack into a trunk or put away in a closet. Many of our customers use storage totes to pack them into before putting them into their cars, or away at home, keeping any residual dirt from their travels safely tucked away. Check out how small it looks, once it’s folded up, it really makes it easier to put your bike away until its next adventure.

Mariner Step-Thru Electric Folding Bike

Speaking of adventure, its 16 amp hour battery is placed below the seat, allowing the rider’s weight, and the weight to sit low, and above the power source. Your legs, not to mention the reliable 500-watt Bafang motor can propel riders and gear up to 300lbs. A little-known secret is that the Mariner is the drag racing king of our bike collection. Its 20” tires and powerful motor beat even the Yukon off the line. Also, like the Yukon, this e-bike is great on sand, gravel, snow, and slush. All the terrain that would typically challenge regular tires is now easily passed over. The low PSI of the tires means that the rubber hugs the surface, with a wide 4” tire. The forks we use on the front tire of this e-bike can accommodate up to a 5.2” tire if you’re willing to make some adjustments to the fenders.  



Having had the opportunity to try all our ebikes, this one is the epitome of the fun, reliable setups that VoltBike is known for. This stylish retro-style step-through comes in a flashy Blue or Red frame. It’s got a gigantic front LED headlight, so between the shiny paint, the cushion seat, and the big headlight, with the Nitro you’re bound to be seen.

VoltBike Nitro Step-Thru eBike

A full front and rear suspension, and a Velo Plush seat with comfortable-to-hold handles make for a pleasant ride. If you contrast this bike with our Mariner you’ll see lots in common, but with arguably more features, minus the fold-up ability. It’s got the same 20” fat tires, the same motor, but a larger battery to make up for its slightly heavier weight. If you don’t need the benefits of the Mariner’s folding, this could be a great bike for you.


Urban Step-Thru

Our lightest, and most affordable bike. Just as the name suggests, this bike is perfect for those in Urban settings. Cities with great bike lanes are a pleasure to ride through. This bike features a torquey engine with 80nm Torque, with the bike weighing only 58 pounds. It’s built on the same platform as the legendary Mariner so it’s got the same folding capability, but with regular width tires measuring 20”x2.1”. 

VoltBike Urban Step-Thru folding eBike

This bike is also our most suitable option for shorter riders, with those over 5’ typically finding it comfortable. Its seat goes down to about 30 inches and adjusts up to 39” so it’s pretty versatile. It’s got the same 16 amp-hour Panasonic battery that the Mariner has, so we expect you to see a 60-80km+ range for an average ride. It’s a good little bike, and the easiest to pack up and store away for those with little storage space.



The same classy sloped frame shape that’s common to a few of our bikes also graces this three-wheeled marvel. The Trio is our Electric Trike, featuring a 500-watt hub motor out front on 24” Fat Tires, while matching 20” Kenda tires are on the back two wheels. 

Electric Trike VoltBike Trio

Our Trio has the lowest standover height (17”) of any of our bikes, making it a popular choice for those looking for something stable to be able to ride around on. It’s perfect for shopping around town, as it’s got a rear carry basket on the back, behind you. It’s also capable of holding a Front Rack on the front of the trike as well. It’s got a rear cargo bag that comes with your order, making it an excellent choice for many who are looking to replace car trips or to get out with their small dog on the optional Front Rack to cruise around during bike riding season. 

This bike is featured in our Blog Post all about the Trio Bike, check it out. 

Thanks for checking out our website and Blog. We hope you find all the info you need to make this purchase. If you need any help figuring out which bike will work for you, check out the FAQ sections on our bike pages, or contact us. Our office and assembly center is headquartered in Port Coquitlam, BC, serving Canada and the USA.

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