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Venture Step-Thru

Venture Step-Thru

The Venture Step-Thru upholds the esteemed legacy of its predecessor, the original Venture, securing its place as one of the most aesthetically pleasing electric mid-drive bikes available.
With a user friendly low step-thru design, it integrates the powerful Bafang M600 mid-drive motor for efficient performance, complemented by torque and pedal assist sensors that enhance your pedaling experience, providing a natural and responsive feel. The addition of a integrated rear brake light adds a modern flair to this exceptional electric bike.
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500W Power / 120Nm Torque

Would you like a little more? The M600 motor with 500 watts rated power, 120Nm of torque, just 3.7kg - always delivers top performance and is the first choice for modern eMTBs. With its triple sensor system (1 torque, 2 speed sensors) it reacts with lightning speed to your pedal-power input and delivers impressive support at all times. Voltbike Venture Step-Thru is using mid-drive motor Bafang M600 48v 500w.

Fully Integrated Battery

VoltBike Venture Step-Thru is using 48v 14Ah (672Wh) fully integrated battery pack with Samsung INR18650-35E cells. The integrated frame design gives you security in various weather conditions plus offering unmatched visual appearance. Samsung SDI’s Li-ion battery cells are preferred by high-end e-bike makers and companies that lead the e-bike market.

Extra Smooth Ride

Voltbike Venture Step-Thru comes standard with lockout suspension SR Suntour XCM. Designed for quick release axles and bolt on axles. 135mm dropout, 32mm stanchions, 210mm steerer tube, 90mm travel. Weight is only 7lbs.

Rear Rack with Integrated Tail Light

This year, an exciting addition is the rear rack featuring an integrated rear LED light. This tail light is seamlessly built into the rear rack, boasting brake light capabilities and exceptional brightness. The rear rack can support a maximum cargo load of 25kg.

Hydraulic Stopping Power

Voltbike Venture is using Tektro Auriga hydraulic front and rear disc brakes with 180mm rotors. Tektro Auriga comp disc brakes features an open system design using non-corrosive and environment-friendly mineral oil. Features dual piston design, melt forged caliper body with automatic positioning via front or rear adapters.

LCD Screen

Large practical display located in the middle of the handlebar offers real time stats such as speed, pedal assist level, battery capacity, distance traveled and current load. You can also charge your cell phone through the built-in USB connector. New for the display is the lighting sensor which atomically activates your lights when it gets dark.

SRAM X5 9 Speed

The SRAM X5 rear derailleur provides incredible shifting speed and precision EXACT ACTUATION™ technology eliminates slop and shifting variation. The actuation remains accurate and smooth, effortlessly navigating through mud, rebounding off rocks, no matter where you are or what conditions you encounter.

Simple Controls

Our redesigned cockpit includes large easy to read LCD screen which shows all the important information like speed, battery level and current load. Access immediate power with the integrated thumb throttle, engaging when the speed reaches 8km/h or above.

Parts Included

Our bikes ship 95% assembled with everything you’ll need to get up and running, including:


  • Weight 64.0 lb
  • Battery 14Ah 48V Li-ion Samsung (672Wh)
  • Battery Style Internal
  • Bottom Bracket Neco 910, 23.5mm + 120mm + 23.5mm
  • Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes front/rear Tektro Auriga HD-E500
  • Chain KMC Rust Buster 126 links
  • Crankset Aluminum Alloy-6061 44T Crank, 170mm with Outer Guard
  • Fork SR Suntour XCM
  • Frame Size 17"
  • Frame Type Step-Through
  • Freewheel Cassette SRAM PG-1130 11-42t 9 speed
  • Handlebars Promax Alluminum Alloy 31.8mm*22.2mm*680mm, 9 degree
  • Motor Bafang M600 Mid-Drive 120Nm Torque
  • Motor Type Mid-Drive
  • Pedals Wellgo LU-313 w/ reflectors
  • Rear Derailleur SRAM X5 9 speed rear derailleur
  • Rims 26", 36 spokes
  • Seat Post Promax SP-252 Aluminum 6061 Alloy, 31.6mm*350mm
  • Shifter Type SRAM X5 trigger shifter
  • Tires Kenda Small Block Eight 26" x 2.1"


  • aFrame Size: 17"
  • bStand-over Height: 25"
  • cReach: 20"
  • dTop-tube Length: 24"
  • eHandlebar Height: 40"-46"
  • fSeat Height: 29"-40"
  • gWheel Size: ⌀26"x2"
  • hWheelbase: 46"
  • iLength: 68"
  • jRear-Rack Dimensions: L15"xW5"
Venture Step-Thru sizing chart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A Bumpy Ride: The Venture Step-Thru by Volt - A Mixed Bag of Pros and Cons

The Venture Step-Thru by Volt is an electric bike that promises a smooth and enjoyable riding experience, but my journey with this eBike has been marked by both positive surprises and a significant disappointment that has left me contemplating a return.

Let's start with the positives. The design of the Venture Step-Thru is both stylish and practical, offering a comfortable riding position that is easy on the back. The step-thru frame is a welcome feature. The electric assistance provided by the motor is robust and responsive, ensuring a pleasant and effortless ride, especially on inclines.

However, the shining facade begins to crack when you delve into the details of the advertised specifications. The major red flag here is the discrepancy between what was promised on the website and what was delivered. The website proudly boasts of an 11-speed gearing system, a feature that played a crucial role in my decision to purchase this eBike. To my dismay, upon receiving the bike, I discovered that it only had a 9-speed system.

Upon reaching out to the company, their customer representative confirmed that they had, in fact, changed the components to less expensive ones but failed to update the information on their website. This bait-and-switch tactic left me feeling deceived and frustrated, as the gearing system was a significant factor in my decision-making process.

What exacerbates the situation is the company's lack of compensation for this discrepancy. While they did offer a return option, no compensation or acknowledgment of the inconvenience caused by the change in components was provided. This lack of transparency and accountability in handling customer concerns is disappointing and reflects poorly on the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

To add insult to injury, considering an alternative model from the same company, the "VoltBike Venture," did not offer solace. Despite its website claiming an 11-speed system, I was informed that it, too, only had a 9-speed setup. This inconsistency in the advertised specifications across multiple models raises serious questions about the company's integrity and their commitment to honest business practices.

In conclusion, while the Venture Step-Thru by Volt offers a decent riding experience with its comfortable design and effective electric assistance, the misleading advertising and lack of compensation for the altered components are significant drawbacks. Potential buyers should approach with caution and be wary of the company's commitment to delivering what is promised on their website. At this juncture, returning the eBike seems like a prudent choice, given the breach of trust and the unsatisfactory resolution offered by Voltbike.

Jeanette Fraser
My perfect bike

I have for months been searching for a bike that checks all the boxes. For a while I was looking at the Elegant V2, but for me at 5'2" it was still a bit too large for me to comfortably touch the ground. I made another visit to the showroom in Port Coquitlam and I immediately fell in love with the metallic green-ish minty-ish colour of the Venture Step-Thru.

I like how it's got the low-step bar and the same tires I wanted on the Elegant bike. The mid-drive motor is a benefit too. I didn't think I needed a mid-drive bike for the extra price, but since having a few chances now to try it on the hills around my home in North Vancouver, it's been excellent.

Looking forward to finally being able to ride with my husband Bruce who has a Bravo V2 bike. I'm looking forward to racing past him while going up hills since I've got the more powerful bike now.

Still getting used to riding this thing, but am so far very happy with this bike, and with the patience of the showroom staff putting up with me waffling between the Urban V2 and Elegant V2. Glad this came out just in time for me to get it as an early Christmas present for myself.