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Owner's manuals

  • To download the most up-to-date VoltBike owner's manual please click here.
  • To download the LCD screen owner's manual for VoltBike Enduro 2019 edition please click here.
  • To download the LCD screen owner's manual for VoltBike Enduro 2021 edition please click here.
  • To download the owner's manual for color LCD Screen 850C please click here. Currently used on Yukom, Kodiak, Urban Step-Through, Elegant and Bravo models.
  • To download the owner's manual for color LCD Screen DP C18, please click here. Currently used on the Yukon Core and Bravo Core models.

How does Support work?

We at Voltbike appreciate and support our customers and want everyone to enjoy their Voltbikes for years to come.

We offer a few different channels of support such as:

Definitely the quickest and best way to get any problem solved. Email us with photos or videos of any issue in question. This is the best way to contact us because if we speak with you over the phone most likely we will ask you to email us with photos regardless. 

This is very helpful because this way there is also a paper trail and anyone picking up phones can refer back to it, whereas a phonecall is between you and the rep who is sometimes walking around the warehouse and unable to record the details of your issue.

Technical telephone line: 1-800-350-4840 (Dial 2)

Call us business hours Mon-Sat and select 2 for technical support. 

Support Ticket:  If you would rather fill out a form, we have a new ticketing system. 

Bear with us as this is not the fastest way to get through to a representative. Depending on the seriousness of each case, emailing or calling is a more direct way to get a response. 

Do you keep a record of the serial numbers of the bikes you sell?

We do not keep a record of the serial numbers for the bikes we sell. We advise customers to record their serial number as soon as they receive their bike in case of theft.

What is pedal assist?

Pedal Assist Levels: 1-9What is pedal assist?Technology has helped mankind in making things better, simpler and easier. Tech is the way of the future, so why not let it help you?There is a learning curve to mastering the Pedal Assist.After 1 turn of the crank, the assist kicks in by aiding your efforts electronically. You'll feel it push you forward.The assist helps you travel faster and further than just regular pedaling. It can double, triple and quadruple your pedaling abilities!Start off at level 1 and feel it take off. Cruise somewhere in the middle at 4 or 5 for steep hills, or go further to 9 to unleash your Voltbike's full potential!

Where is the serial number on my VoltBike?

The best chance of recovering a stolen bicycle is ensuring a registered serial number.

These numbers are used by law enforcement around the world.

Most bike companies like VoltBike do not retain a record of the serial numbers for the bikes sold, but we encourage our customers to record their serial numbers for their records. 

The serial number on VoltBike bikes are located on the front headset just above the front fork. 

They are engraved, and if you are having difficulty finding them, you may want to use your fingertips to feel for them.

The registration sites we would recommend using would be the Bike Index,  and 529 Garage.

To maximize battery life, what is the recommended method for long-term storage of the batteries?

For optimal battery lifespan, it's advisable to store the battery within a 50% to 75% charge range. Periodically, approximately every 6 to 8 weeks, consider briefly topping up the charge by placing the battery on the charger for a few minutes to counteract natural discharge. Additionally, store the battery in an environment with temperatures ranging from above 0 degrees Celsius to below 30 degrees Celsius, as batteries generally perform best in moderate temperature conditions.

Is warranty transferable?

You may decide to sell your Voltbike, possibly because you want to purchase our latest model. There are lots of eager people who would love to take the older model off of your hands at a discounted price! Many people decide to do this and they always ask the question.Is warranty transferable? Warranty is usually non-transferable except in special circumstances where an arrangement is made with VoltBike.

Can I take my Voltbike on a airplane?

E-bike batteries are classified as dangerous goods due to their watt-hour (WH) rating typically exceeding 300WH. However, most airlines enforce a limit of 100WH for batteries. Consequently, the majority, if not all, airline companies decline the transport of such large batteries for recreational purposes. Nonetheless, batteries of similar size found in mobility scooters for individuals with disabilities are permissible for air travel after receiving approval from the airline. Alternatively, individuals may opt to ship their batteries separately via FedEx or potentially through ocean freight services.

The way to calculate the WH is to multiply the volts by the amp hours:

Urban: 36VT x 13AH = 468 WH

Mariner: 48VT x 14.5AH = 696 WH

Yukon: 48VT x 16AH = 768 WH

Elegant, Enduro & Bravo:48VT x 12.8AH = 614.40 WH

Can I wash my Voltbike?

Though our bikes are water resistant, they are not 100% waterproof and the battery and electrical components could get damaged after exposure to a significant amount water.

We recommend wiping the bike with a damp cloth, you may use rubbing alcohol on the cloth rather than soap if there is a lot of dirt and grime. Always remove your battery prior to cleaning your bike.

Never squirt water into the battery connector or any of the electrical components and always handle your battery with care.

Allow the bike to completely dry before charging, reconnecting the battery and turning the bike on.

Are replacement VoltBike keys available if I've misplaced mine?

Each set of keys supplied with every Voltbike is exclusively matched to its respective battery enclosure. For your convenience, we provide customers with a set of 2 keys, ensuring a backup in the event of misplacement. Similar to standard practice at car dealerships, we do not retain keys for sold bikes. In the unfortunate scenario of losing both keys, the solution would be to drill out the existing battery keylock assembly connecting the battery to the frame and subsequently replace the keylock assembly.

If you haven't found the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. Our dedicated customer support team aims to respond within 1 business day.

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