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Best Electric Bicycle in Canada

Best Electric Bicycle In Canada That Fit Every Budget and Ride

Amidst pandemic, environmental and inflationary events, electric bikes are taking the world by storm. Canada’s diverse landscapes and beautiful trails set a perfect frame for electric bicycles. From Canada’s warm/wet coast, through the prairies, central Canada, Quebec and the East coast, even to Canada’s vast North, VoltBike got bikes in every province and territory. Our happy customers consider our bikes The Best in Canada.

Considering the unreasonable price of gas these days, this is the time to switch toward the electric bicycle and keep your Dollars in your pocket instead of the gas pump. Using electric bicycles for short distances can be very effective, and it is not only beneficial for the environment but is also excellent for physical health. With electric bikes it’s easier to go on longer trips, making trips a joy to take instead of a sweat. Furthermore, some insurance policies for cars offer lower rates if you drive less kilometres, look into it.

Apart from the cost savings, our bikes are economical and sustainable. Electric bikes are powerful, and are great for getting from Point A to B without dealing with traffic jams. E-bikes are easy to park, convenient for a ride by the beach or on hilly roads, as well as being best in terms of value.

If you are looking for a fun ride that does not make you feel sweaty and exhausted, there’s no better time than now to choose a bike that fits you, or Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help. 

Best Electric Bicycle That Suits Your Budget

For many years electric bikes have been considerably expensive and bulky machines, and people were not interested in investing in them. New tech problems, basically. Gradually the technology changed, and we are now provided with lightweight lithium-ion batteries, featuring better battery life and storage density. The bikes now have a more attractive build and powerful motors. We pair these powerful electrical components with brand name bike components, direct from us to you: The recipe for our success. 

The best part of an E-bike is that you can ride them the way you want. We have many models to choose from, there's a bike that’s just right for you. We are providing you with some of the best electric bicycles in the market that easily fits every budget, offering a sustainable ride along the roads of Canada. 


Here’s a glimpse at some of our favourite bikes:


A lightweight, smooth and plus-size 3” tire bike is VoltBike’s cargo King. This e-bike is known for its all-terrain feature, and you can conveniently ride all around your area, traversing the landscape with ease. The Kodiak is an outstanding Cargo e-bike that has a wheelbase of 1280mm, making it way more easy to park than a car. You can park the bike in a garage, underground parking, near your apartment, market, etc. It does not take much space, and you can ride it with a passenger with the proper rear-seat.

Talking about the price, this E-bike costs about $2,200. Looking to take the trail to the farmer;s market, or to go out hunting? This bike’s for you.

  • Max Speed - 32km/h
  • Battery - 60-80km per charge
  • Brakes - Hydraulic Brakes w/ 180mm Rotors
  • Carraying Capacity - 120lbs on Rear Rack
 Voltbike Kodiak Best Electric Cargo Bike Canada

VoltBike Yukon Core Best Mid-Drive Fat Tire Electric Bike Canada

Yukon Core

The Yukon Core electric bike is known for its outstanding performance, adaptability and power. It is one of the best-selling mid-drive VoltBikes. Designed to give the utmost comfort, this e-bike also delivers unmatchable performance. You can easily remove barriers with this e-bike. From advanced brakes to the large colour LCD screen, you can quickly check the map and battery of the bike with a Top Tube Bag.

The Yukon Core e-bike has a super long-lasting 19.2 amp-hour lithium-ion battery that would contribute to long rides in Canada, and it is considered best if you are going out camping or hiking. Another benefit of this best electric bicycle is its price that easily fits under the budget and is deemed to be inexpensive compared to other electric bikes. 

  • Max Speed - 32km/h
  • Battery - 80-95km per charge
  • Weight - 80lbs
  • Carraying Capacity - 50lbs on Rear Rack
  • Easily Customizable with many accessories

Bravo Core

Bicycles can be your best bet if you are looking forward to investing in a vehicle. The Canadian Government has hoped that bike riders are provided with a cycling path all across the country. The Bravo Core electric bicycle is easy to ride all across the country. With its technological advancements, you are provided with the best battery life and a pair of hydraulic brakes. Check out our Accessories section for all the bells and whistles for this bike.

  • Max Speed - 32km/h
  • Battery - 60-80km per charge
  • Lockout Suspension
  • Weight - 65lbs
  • Carraying Capacity - 50lbs on Rear Rack


Bravo Core Best Mid-Drive Ebike

VoltBike Outback Best Full-Suspension E-Bike Canada


This bicycle is known for its comfortable full-suspension design and long battery life. We have Outback as one of the lightweight bikes, and you can easily go for a ride in the steep regions, near beaches or on trails. It has hydraulic brakes, and you can enjoy the ride without being exhausted. With a rear-shock suspension, the ride goes smoothly and comfortably. 

If you are an avid cyclist or planning a trip to a camping site with friends, this bicycle would be one to consider. Because of the affordable price and lightweight frame, you’ll enjoy using this bike for daily use.

  • Max Speed - 32km/h
  • Battery - 60-80km per charge
  • Brakes - Hydraulic Brakes w/ 180mm Rotors
  • Weight - 63lbs
  • Alluminum Alloy Frame


Your Pocket-Friendly Electric Bike is Here! 

Once you know about the features and benefits of an e-bike, it can be tough to figure out which company offers the right bike for you. And here we play an essential part! Voltbike is Canada’s best brand of the best electric bicycle that provides high-quality yet affordable e-bikes. 

Among our models, we offer Fat-tire bikes, Foldable Bikes, Cargo bikes and even a Trike. Our company is working on reducing the need for car trips one bike trip at a time, and we aim to make enjoying the back-country easier than ever before. Get a bike, and enjoy exploring. 

Want to give the bikes a try? Check out our Showroom in Port Coquitlam BC, the Ambassador Map or listing or Rental Locations.

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