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VoltBike Electric Bike with Integrated Battery

What is the difference between the original VoltBike electric bike and Version 2?

Having a great selection of Ebikes is something we’re proud of here at VoltBike. With everyone having different needs and desires when it comes to buying an electric bike, having a vast array of choices is a good thing. When you’ve got it narrowed down to a few bikes, we often get asked what the “V2” bikes are all about. This article is all about the V2 series of bikes, and we’re going to talk about these new, and classy bikes.


VoltBike sets itself apart from its competitors with its long history of eBike sales. We have been offering many of our models for about 10 years. Along the way we’ve made major improvements, whether it be the powerful motors, the hydraulic brakes, or the new colour screens. Year after year the bikes get better. On the surface though, many of our most popular bike models look very much the same as they have for years. 

What is a V2 VoltBike? 

The V2 at the end of the model name simply lets you know that the battery of the bike fits into the frame of the bike. We have redesigned the frames of our eBike models to integrate the battery into the frame of the bike. That’s it in a nutshell!

We’ve taken all the features out customers know and love, and put them into a beautifully redesigned frame. 


Common Questions

When deciding between the classic and the V2 versions of the bikes, we’re often asked these common questions.

Can the battery still be removed? 

Yes! The battery is secured as usual with a key-lock, allowing the internal battery to be easily removed with the turn of the key, and a twist of a lever. The battery pops forward allowing you to remove it effortlessly. 


Battery Removal on V2 models


What’s the advantage of the V2 model?

The VoltBike V2 series are the same great bikes we offer with a modern design twist. You get everything that makes our bikes the best value bikes on the market, all in a beautifully redesigned package.


The VoltBike V2 Collection 

Our most beloved models are now available in the V2 version. These models include the Yukon and Yukon Step-Thru V2, Elegant V2, Bravo V2, Mariner V2 and Urban V2.


Yukon V2 & Yukon V2 Step-Thru

 These fat-tired workhorses looks great with the integrated battery, giving it a more refined look. Don’t let it’s good looks fool you. It’s our king of the off-road eBikes, and is a great choice for those looking to go off-road and onto loose surfaces such as gravel, sand and snow. 


Yukon V2 Step-Thru Electric Bike


The Yukon bike’s wide 26x4” tire is a favourite of our customers who want power, and the ability to go just about everywhere with their bike. It’s got the most powerful rear-hub motor we offer, the G06 by Bafang. This motor is featured on several of our bikes as well, and has been reliable and low-maintenance. 


Elegant V2

The Elegant V2 is our most popular of all the V2 bikes. It truly is an elegant electric bike, and our customers have great things to say about it in the reviews. This bike is lighter weight and get amazing range using it’s 17.5 amp hour battery and Bafang G07 motor. This efficient motor has also been extremely reliable and quiet, giving the rider a peaceful and pleasant eBike experience.

 Elegant V2 Electric BIke


Our Elegant V2 looks great and performs beautifully. This bike is perfect for someone looking to ride on bike lanes and well maintained, hard-packed trails. Its step-thru frame makes it a good choice for someone at least 5’3 or 5’4”, up to about 6” depending on the length of your legs.


Bravo V2

Our Bravo V2 is the larger version of the Elegant V2. It’s got a frame that’s one inch larger, with wheels that are 1.5” larger in diameter. Great for people around 5’6” to 6’3”, this V2 bike is an excellent commuter bike that gets a range of 60-80 km or more due to its light weight and 500w rear-hub motor.

 Electric Bike Bravo V2

Sleek, speedy, and nimble, our Bravo V2 makes long commutes fun and entertaining. Built for comfortable everyday adventures, it’s perfect for cruising roads and paths. Bravo V2 delivers style and confidence with the fully integrated long range battery and powerful 500w motor.


Folding V2 Bikes


We round out our list of V2 bikes with the super convenient folding bikes. These lighter-weight, easy to store bikes are excellent choices for those looking to travel with their bikes, or tuck it away when not in use. Easy to fold, with all the great features of our full-sized bikes, this class of bikes has grown in popularity over the years.

Our Mariner V2 and Urban V2 bikes are also a great choice for shorter riders, since they’re both step-thru bikes, with low, easy to mount frames. We offer a on-road bike, the Urban V2, and an off-road model, the Mariner V2. 


Mariner V2

For those looking for all the fun and power of the Yukon V2, but in a smaller package, the Mariner V2 is the bike for you. It’s got the same powerful motor that we feature on the Yukon V2, but in a lighter frame with smaller wheels. It’s got 4” wide, 20” diameter wheels, which are awesome on trails, off-road and even for trips in town. The motor will get you up hills with it’s 9 levels of pedal assist. 

Folding Electric Bike Mariner V2

This comfy ride will fit those between about 5’2” and taller. It’s strong frame and sturdy wheels can hold a rider up to 300lbs. Its 14 amp hour battery should get you about 50 to 70 kilometers of range on easy terrain.


Check out this review from a happy customer, Norm:

Urban V2

Designed for Urban riders, those looking for a relaxing ride through parks and trails, the Urban V2 is worth considering. It’s not only the lightest bike at about 48lbs, it’s our most affordable and most efficient offering in the V2 bike family. It’s got a 48V, 55nm Bafang G02 motor which is quiet and reliable. It will get you around town all day long with it’s internal 14 amp hour battery. 


Folding Electric Bike Voltbike Urban V2 


It folds up small and will fit in a closet, or the trunk of your car. It’s a great first eBike, and the reviews have been excellent. Our Urban V2 comes with Hydraulic disc brakes, unlike it’s predecessor, the Urban Step-Thru. It also comes standard with a bright colour display with a USB port and light sensor, as do all our V2 bikes. This new Urban is the best yet, and well worth the small premium in cost. 

In Summary


VoltBike’s V2 family of bikes is the evolution of our eBikes into great looking bikes that are built from the ground up to be excellent eBikes. No longer do eBikes have to look like bikes with electrification added to them. The V2 bikes are refined, and represent our strive towards perfection and elegance at fair prices.


We will continue to expand our offering of V2 bikes, adding gradual improvements as time goes by. We will continue to listen and explore new offerings, and we look forward to hearing your reviews of our bikes. Feel free to leave a comment and or give us a call. 

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