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VoltBike Yukon vs Rad Power RadRover 6

VoltBike Yukon vs Rad Power RadRover 6

Looking for the perfect Fat-Tire Electric Bicycle has led you to our website. You’ve done a great job researching the many brands that offer electric Fat-Tire eBikes, and now you’re trying to compare the many choices, looking to find the one that’s right for you.

Congratulations, as you’ve found the best value Fat-Tire eBike, and we’ll explain why. This Blog post will prove without a doubt that the VoltBike Yukon 750, and the entire Yukon Family, are the right choice for you. Of the many thousands of bikes VoltBike’s sold, this one’s our most beloved and iconic model, and with the introduction of the Yukon V2 and Yukon V2 Step-thru, this bike continues to get better and better.

You’ve inevitably seen the RadRover 6 electric fat bike, our biggest competitor, so let’s compare our offering to theirs, and see who comes out on top. We’re proud of the bike we offer, and are confident to put these two bikes head to head and prove to you why VoltBike’s got the better bike.


Ride Quality

Both the VoltBike Yukon and the RadRover 6 ride upon 26”x4” Kenda Juggernaut Tires. These quality tires are puncture-resistant, and have a reflective liner on the sidewall, making them visible at night. Fat-Tires hold a huge volume of air, making for a comfortable, cushy ride. 

Fat Tire Kenda for eBike

Having a powerful Fat-Tired bike gives you the ability to go anywhere and roll over all sorts of terrain. These wide tires can handle terrain that’s a challenge to other bikes, such as snow, sand, and gravel. Running at a lower tires pressure gives allows the bike to roll over these loose surfaces without the tire sinking into them; they simply glide over them. If fact, there are fat-tire bike specific snow trails in many areas, opening up a whole world of winter fun to those with fat-tire electric bikes.  

Both VoltBike and Rad feature the Bafang G06 motor, with 500 watts of power (750w peak) and a hearty 80nm of torque. An excellent motor to propel these large, sturdy electric bikes.


Front Suspension Fork RST


Another feature of these bikes is the front fork, with its incredible spring suspension. VoltBike wins here again, with the RST Guide Aluminum-Alloy suspension with lockout function and 90mm of travel. Our competitor on the other hand has a suspension made by RST as well, but it has a meager 60mm of travel. Having more travel means a more comfortable ride, allowing for longer, more comfortable journeys and the ability to handle brutal rocky and rooty terrain. 


Winner: VoltBike! Though our tires are identical, our superior suspension with 50% more travel wins out. Want more comfort? Add a Suspension Seat Post.



When riding on your eBike the items on the handlebars are your control center. VoltBike’s Bafang 850C Colour Display is a brilliant and beautiful display, showing all the vital info on the main screen, with an easy-to-operate interface. This modern display comes with a USB port at the bottom to charge your phone or devices off of the power of the bike, and this screen also has a light sensor to automatically turn on the headlights and rear running lights when it’s getting dark out.

Color LCD control panel


RadRover 6 features a screen that’s quite simplistic and basic, to put it nicely. The display is far from attractive, while still displaying the important info. Their display is in two parts: One on the left side of the handlebar, displaying the Pedal Assist level, while the main display at the center of the handlebar shows other info such as a trip meter, speedometer, and clock. Want to charge your USB device? You’ll have to upgrade your display or buy an add-on USB port.

Both bikes feature a 7-speed gear shifter made by Shimano, with a simple-to-read display showing which gear you’re in, and ergonomic Gear Up and Gear Down controls.

Winner: VoltBike! Our easy-to-read display is hands down the clear winner, and having the USB function built into the screen is much better than having to pay to add it on.



Both bikes are attractive, with fenders that cover their wide tires, keeping the rider from getting muddy or wet. The design of the frames on both bikes is similar enough to say that as far as the frame and the fenders go, they’re both in the same league. VoltBike has a few advantages here that we’ll now discuss.

VoltBike offers a choice of frame sizes (17” or 20”) as well a choice of colours for the Yukon 750: Black or White, with tasteful blue accents. VoltBike’s Yukon V2, features a classy integrated battery, and you can choose either a Grey or White frame. This new revision of the Yukon 750 keeps all the same great features of the prior model with a new frame design that holds the battery inside.

Internal Style Battery for eBike

Speaking of batteries, the VoltBike Yukon’s battery has a 17.5 amp hour battery, with an option to upgrade to a 19.2 for only $60 more, The RadRover however is limited to a 14 amp hours at most, which means you can go much further with a VoltBike Yukon rather than with the RadRover 6. We estimate a range of 60 to 80km while Rad only estimates about 40 to 72km for their battery. Want a bigger range? Upgrade to a 19.2, we have that option for you.


Winner: VoltBike! The Yukon 750, and especially the Yukon V2 are very attractive bikes, with extra thought being put into the design of the bike to offer something capable and attractive. The standard equipment on the VoltBike can only be matched after adding a shopping cart of add-ons over at Rad.



As we’ve seen in the preceding paragraphs, the VoltBike Yukons are superior bikes. When it comes to the cost of purchasing, the prices at VoltBike and Rad are in the same range. Depending on which sales are on, one may cost more than the other, but at the time of writing this, the VoltBike Yukon 750 costs significantly less money ($2399 compared to $1999 for the Yukon 750).

Beyond the price itself, VoltBike delivers their bikes nearly fully assembled, and if you value your time that’s a big deal. Comparing our assembly videos will quickly show the difference as a VoltBike takes no more than 10-15 minutes to get riding on while our competitor’s setup is an elaborate marathon of assembly. If you’re local, you can pick up a bike from us or have it delivered fully set up with little to no cost. Check out our unboxing video![link to youtube or embed]

Winner: VoltBike! Our simple to setup bike at an awesome price means you’re out there riding, for longer, usually for less money. Repairs are easy too!


Everything else...

Instead of adding several more paragraphs to this article, here’s a list of every component that is clearly better on the Yukon 750 vs RadRover 6:

  • Battery Range
  • Charger Speed
  • Suspension Fork
  • More Pedal Assistance Levels
  • Frame Colour Choices
  • Design Style
  • Sizing in 17” or 20” Frame
  • Rim Liner visibility
  • Automatic Lights
  • Standard Rear Rack
  • Weight Capacity
  • Full Colour Display
  • Simple Assembly


Thanks for checking out our Blog! If you’ve got any other questions, please contact us at the contact info at the bottom on our website. We look forward to showing you what we have to offer!

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