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Electric Fat Bike on a bridge

Top Reasons For Making The Switch To Electric Bikes

It is the 21st century and technological advancements have played an important role to enhance our lives in all aspects. One of the most prominent changes that stormed the streets are electric bikes. There is no denying the fact that year by year, there has been a rapid increase in AQI levels all around the world. Leading us into a pit of air pollution. Industrial emissions and vehicles emitting pollutants are the primary sources of rising levels of air pollution. As a result, electric bikes have shown an upward graph in their purchase. 

Gaining instant popularity after the launch of fat tyres electric bikes, the electric bike market is soaring to new heights. In 2019, the e-bike market was estimated to go around $15.42 billion. According to CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate), the profits are expected to thrive up to 7.49 percent between 2020 and 2025. 

Whether you consider an electric bike as an eco-friendly vehicle or a time-efficient one, this transportation choice is much feasible and aligns well with a busy lifestyle. When planning to buy a new vehicle at affordable rates, electric bikes single-handedly steal the show. Therefore, we have listed some specific benefits that suggest why an individual must switch to a more feasible and environmentally friendly option. 

Benefits Of Buying An Electric Bike 

With more efficient and powerful electric bikes being released every year, the electric vehicle industry is impacting the automobile industry drastically. Riding an electric bicycle provides a better alternative to public transportation and relieves the pain of long tiring walks, sweaty rides, jogging or traditional cycling. 

Apart from these, an electric bike can be a much more beneficial option physically, mentally and for the environment. Here are the benefits that further explain why switching to electric bikes is the best bet. 

1. It Is Cost-Effective

You will save money if you utilize an electric bike instead of a car or public transportation. Fuel prices are extremely high in many nations, and a surge in prices can have a significant influence on one's wallet.

You can save a lot of money when purchasing an electric bike because they are less expensive than automobiles. Electric bikes help you save money in various ways. If you have an electric bike, you can easily reduce your daily transportation costs by a one-time investment in battery-infused electric bikes. 

2. Environmentally Friendly 

The fact that electric bikes are environmentally benign is their major selling point. They don't use fossil fuels and don't emit smoke, therefore they are not likely to pollute the air. This, however, is another controversial topic that electric bikes are dependent on electric charging and batteries, which eventually would leave a carbon footprint. Though this may be well developed with local governments creating policies and providing subsidies to promote such electric bikes and help reduce the carbon footprint eventually. Electric automobiles, on the other hand, are also a good option to make your future much cleaner and happier. 


Electric Bike Voltbike Yukon with woods


3. Saves Time effectively 

It is actually faster to commute by an electric bike, switching to e-scooters, bikes, bicycles etc. is a better alternative to other vehicles. These bikes are not restricted to roads that are only accessible by automobiles. Shortcuts through parks or other bike-friendly trails are easily available, saving the commuter from traffic, long parking queues etc. Traveling by an electric bike is not only feasible for an individual but also helps in reducing any chance of traffic. Which eventually saves time. 

Too many cars can clog roads causing long hours of traffic, and worsen time management, air pollution etc. As a result, buying an electric bike is always a better replacement option that could take you through shortcuts to avoid traffic. 

4. Easy Availability 

Assessing an electric bike is easy regardless of your location. Electric bikes or fat tyre bikes are comfortable and best for daily usage. The best part of owning an e-bike is that it does not require a special pathway or four-lane roads to ride. Whether residing in a metropolitan city or in a remote area, the terrain can easily help in riding the bike. In accordance with the growing population and pollution, e-bikes are now regarded as the primary form of transportation in cities and towns. As a result, e-bike shops have a wide range of bicycles, battery bikes, folding bikes, and other types of bikes, depending on the individual's needs. Electric bikes come in a variety of styles, including mountain bikes, foldable bikes, commuter bikes, and more. In the blink of an eye, you can order a choice of e-bikes from the online store!

5. Improve Fitness 

According to studies, the electric bike is the best exercise machine. Riding an electric bicycle not only saves you money at the gym but also improves your fitness. It also helps you save time at the gym. Despite the fact that the bike is battery-assisted, it is still the greatest exercise equipment because it has a pedal, making it beneficial to your mental and physical health. It is adaptable exercise equipment that can be used by anyone and at any time. It is the ideal exercise equipment for those who are more into fitness and want natural ways to shed some extra pounds. 

Final words 

According to Forbes, the number of bicycle commuters in the United States climbed by 40% between 2000 and 2010, with figures as high as 77 percent in some areas. The purpose of owning an electric bike is to make your trip more joyful, enjoyable, and comfortable. Electric bikes, unlike regular bicycles, are in high demand all around the world. These e-bikes are the pinnacle of style and standard that you can achieve with a vehicle. Purchase an electric bike from Voltbike at a reasonable price if you want to get to your destination quickly and enjoy some physical activity. As this deal fits perfectly!

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