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Charge up your profits: The electrifying benefits of starting a VoltBike Rental business

Renting a fleet of eBikes can be a rewarding and simple business to set up. You can rent eBikes to a wide range of customers, including tourists, business people and outdoor enthusiasts.

VoltBike supplies bikes to countless fleets that make excellent revenue off of our simple-to-maintain and budget-friendly electric bikes.

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are a popular mode of transportation that is growing in popularity all over the world. Renting out e-bikes can be a lucrative business opportunity, particularly in areas with high tourist traffic or dense urban populations. Here are some potential business cases for renting out e-bikes:


Many tourists are interested in exploring cities and natural landscapes on bicycles. E-bikes provide an easy and convenient way for tourists to cover more ground and see more sights without getting tired. By renting out e-bikes, you can tap into the tourist market and provide a unique experience that sets your business apart from traditional bike rental shops.


In urban areas, many people are looking for alternative modes of transportation to avoid traffic and reduce their carbon footprint. E-bikes offer a convenient and affordable alternative to cars and public transportation. By renting out e-bikes to commuters, you can provide a valuable service that helps people get to work or school quickly and efficiently.

Health and fitness

E-bikes can be a great way for people to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors without putting too much strain on their bodies. By promoting e-bikes as a fun and healthy way to stay active, you can attract customers who are interested in fitness and wellness.

Events and promotions

Renting out e-bikes can be a great way to promote your business or brand at events like festivals, conferences, or trade shows. By offering e-bikes for attendees to use, you can generate buzz and attract attention to your business.

Overall, renting out e-bikes can be a profitable and rewarding business opportunity that provides a valuable service to customers. By identifying your target market and promoting your business effectively, you can build a successful e-bike rental business that stands out in a crowded market.

Owning a fleet of VoltBikes is a great choice for your business, as they offer many benefits to both you and your customers. Here are just some of the ways that eBikes can help you grow:

  • They are easy to maintain and repair.
  • They have a simple and durable design that makes them perfect for the outdoors.
  • They’re easy to maintain.
  • They’re great for the environment.
  • They can help you attract new customers and increase revenue.
  • Create a community around your business.

Which VoltBike Models to Choose?

The upfront costs of setting up an eBike rental fleet is a big factor in making a rental business a Go. Choosing the right models and the right amount of eBikes are extremely important decisions. You want to choose bikes that will thrill your customers while still being approachable and easy to maintain.

Our Step-Thru bikes are an excellent choice for many, especially those on the shorter side or those with body issues that would preclude the customer from easily swinging their legs up and over a top bar. But then again, the younger crowd will be perfectly happy with a step-over model such as the VoltBike Yukon 750 or Bravo bike.


VoltBike Yukon eBIke by water


The biggest factor in choosing the right bikes is making sure you have enough of each model to meet the demand. You don’t want to find yourself with a waiting list because there isn’t enough of one type or size of bike. If your customers can get what they want when they need it, then that makes for happy customers who come back again and again.

Some all-star bikes to look at would be the Yukon 750 (and/or Yukon Step-Thru), Elegant, and Outback bikes. For those looking for a more premium rental, take a look at the V2 versions of these bikes, which are built on the same platform but have integrated batteries and excellent aesthetics.

Choosing bikes that are of the same battery style will allow you to interchange batteries between the bikes, allowing you to swap batteries between your models. You can even keep some extra batteries on hand for quick battery swaps allowing you to have the quickest turnover possible. The quicker the turnaround between rentals, the more money you can make.

Maintenance and Support

VoltBike offers a range of services to help you manage your rental fleet and keep your bikes in top condition. From regular maintenance and repairs to customized branding and marketing materials, VoltBike is committed to providing support and services that help you maximize your rental business.

As a well established eBike company offering local service to our customers, VoltBike has the expertise and parts available to keep your rental fleet afloat. We can help you diagnose issues with the bike and send out parts to quickly repair the bikes. We also keep a Local Service list of locations that work on our bikes, some of which are also fleet operators themselves.

Our YouTube channel is a deep well of knowledge of how to work on our bikes and deal with the most common repairs that may arise with your rental fleet.

Further Benefits of Being an eBike Fleet Operator

  • 10% off our already aggressive prices for all models, with additional volume discounts for > 10 bike orders (Applies to USA and Canada).
  • $300 worth of spare parts with every fleet purchased ( including sensors, tubes, lights, controllers, and more).
  • You can become part of our ambassador program through which you will be eligible to receive a $50 reward every time you are referred on a new order.

Our bikes are reliable and will run for season after season if well taken care of, and that's 10's of thousands of kilometers. As the seasons pass you can also sell off your used bikes and buy some shiny new models from us. Your customers will appreciate the fresh new bikes (with all the range that a new battery offers), and you can recuperate much of what you invested into the bikes.

In Summary

Owning a fleet of VoltBikes may just be the startup business that your local market is looking for. You can start small and build or hit the ground running with a set of 10 or more bikes. Contact us as sales@voltbike.com and we can provide you with the info that you or your investors need to get your eBike rental business going. 

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